Books In The Wild

Books In The Wild
1. to share and explore books with those we know and those we haven't yet met.
2. to explore the journey a book takes us on.
3. to release books in to the wild.

22 July 2012

Brave Enough for Books in the Wild?

Summer seems to finally come to the South Coast of England, and rather than the normal grey skies and pounding rain we have bright blue and sunshine. My husband has just brought me a cup of tea and I am surrounded by the aroma of baking banana bread. An auspicious start to the day and one I will seize upon.

I've been procrastinating about actually releasing any books in the wild. I've blamed the weather, the need for stickers, the weather again, hoovering needing doing, oh that weather... anything. Instead I've set up a twitter account and designed stickers, and constantly worried about which book to set free. All things that make me feel productive but were really stopping me concentrating on the main reason for this blog - leaving books to be found. So enough! Today I will take the plunge. Maybe.

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